Here are some aspects of feminine cooperative power, with analogies to winds and oceans.

Feminine power is beauty. Harmony is beauty; beauty is power. Thus, ultimate harmony is ultimate power. If you seek true beauty, no amount of make-up can compensate for a competitive attitude or anger. What gives you true beauty? When you are naked in the morning, what makes you beautiful? It’s certainly not the clothing. When life flows through you and you live harmoniously with your environment, you can’t help but be beautiful at all times, naked or dressed.

Feminine power is cooperation. Most of our society is based upon the idea of lack. People compete for the limited jobs. Businesses compete for the limited markets. Food industries regulate productions to ensure prices remain competitive. Women even compete for attractive men! Yet, all of this is an illusion. The world has so much needs that there are plenty of constructive, productive and innovative things to do. The markets could greatly improve their lives with lots of things that are currently almost impossible to find or that are yet to be invented. Apple with his iPads was not competing with anyone but itself, striving to be the best it could be. There is plenty of food to feed the world, but we simply don’t currently have distribution mechanisms allowing that to happen. There are plenty of men for every woman. There really are no needs to compete with anyone else. I am not competing with anyone with my business. In fact, I associate with anyone who shares a similar message and intention to strengthen the message and movement. Instead of competing for the biggest part of a pie, you can work with others to build a larger pie.

Feminine power is synergy. Water flows through the ecosystems and allows life to exist. It feeds the plants and composes 60-80% of our bodies. It does not bend to the will of plants. Rather, it nourishes the plants and allows them to grow. In the same way, femininity allows men and people around you to grow. Trying to shape a man is like pulling a plant off the ground to see how the roots are growing. When you feed a man with unconditional love, support, light and water, it will grow and glow on its own, just like a plant.

Feminine power is flow. Water has no shape and for that reason, it cannot be bent or broken. The wind offers no resistance and for that reason, you cannot move or redirect it. You can shape a stone with a hammer, and the wind can shape the entire cliff. When your will has the fluidity and strength of the wind, nothing can stop it from influencing and shaping your environment.

Feminine power is vulnerability. A butterfly is beautiful because it is vulnerable. A flower is beautiful because it is vulnerable. They do not need walls and protection. Vulnerability is naked power. Naked power is beautiful. Raw beauty is powerful beyond imagination.

Feminine power is love. We’ve been thought to love people as long as they behave well and as long as they do what we want. That’s conditional love. Unconditional love is about loving people no matter what they do and no matter how they behave. Unconditional love is also not directed towards anyone. It is about shining love to everyone and everything on this planet and beyond, including your father, your ex-boyfriend and the stranger on the street. Unconditional love has nothing to do with relationships. It is a way of being that you carry with you and shine through the world.

Feminine power is absolute. It is a connection to God, the source of life, the universe or however you want to call it. Life flows through you through that spiritual connection, and because its source is absolute, the feminine power is absolute.

All the principles described above are also essential for men to bring balance to their life and actions.

I am aware that there is a huge gap between the image of a modern powerful woman and this description of absolute feminine power. It can be difficult to bridge that gap to make these abstract concepts more real in the modern world. Take a sheet of paper, turn it horizontally and separate it into three columns. In the first column, write what your life currently is in terms of beauty, cooperation, synergy, flow, vulnerability and love. In the second column, write how you would like your ideal life to be regarding each of these aspects.

Now, let go of any preconceived ideas of women or femininity you may have, for the purpose of this exercise. The Shine video is the video with the strongest feminine energy ever produced in history. Although it is very different from the common idea of women power, this exercise will allow you to understand how it can bring an immense healing, awakening and empowering effect to me and many other men. Many men have overcome porn addiction, developed great self-confidence and became comfortable around women, just by watching videos like this. There is definitely some mysterious power here. Watch the Shine video and pay attention to the specific aspects of beauty, cooperation, synergy, flow, vulnerability and love, and write your observations in the third column of your sheet.