Surf and Family Retreat

Children Learn to Surf While Parents Relax

Have you ever wanted your child to learn a new sport while you get to enjoy a relaxing vacation? If so, the Surf and Kids Retreat is for you. Your child will enjoy daily surf lessons, kids yoga, family hikes, and Spanish lessons. We offer other activities such as snorkeling, paddle board, horseback riding and more … your child will learn to how to surf while engaging with a new culture.  Surf lessons are not just for the kids, parents can also learn to surf while the kids are doing yoga on the beach.

What ages are appropriate for surfing?
Any age is appropriate for surfing.  The Surf and Kids retreat ages begin at 4 y/o and ends at 14 y/o.  Children six and under will learn how to ride the white water and paddle.  Instructors are skilled enough to determine the ability of the child and what would be safe for them.

Costa Rica Surf Lessons for Kids

What does a surf lesson look like for a child?

Surf sessions start with a first step-by-step lesson on the beach to cover safety and standing positions on the board. Once you master the positions on the ground, you’ll move to the water to learn positioning and balance. Follow up lessons cover key aspects of surfing, like dropping in on unbroken waves and wave theory.



$5000 for a family of 4, $4000 for a family of 3, $3000 for a family of 2, Above family of 4, please email for special pricing.