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  1. Ultimate Man-Made Wave

    “This is head and shoulders over what people have seen before,” said Dave Prodan, spokesman for the World Surf League. “I think the excitement is…

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  2. Stay Safe in the Surf

    If You Get Stuck in a Rip Current Don’t fight the current Swim out of the current, then to shore If you can’t escape float,…

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  3. The Swellest Little Town

    FLASHBACK! Download the PDF “Sámara, on the other hand, has always had a hold on me. The roughly 1 dozen square blocks – sandwich between…

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  4. Surfing Fun with Little Ones

    I don’t think there is a correct age to teach someone. I teach children as young as 2, and adults in their 60s and 70s.…

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  7. Kids Surfing Lessons

    Children and nature go hand in hand, especially when it comes to diving into a new adventure. That’s why learning how to surf is so…

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  8. Advanced Surfing Lessons

    Embark on the surfing adventure of a lifetime with Pro Surfer James Flores and Tico Mae Retreats! Our day-long, advanced surfing lessons have you traveling…

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  9. Intermediate Surfing Lessons

    Take your surfing to the next level with the professional surf instructors of Tico Mae Retreats! Our intermediate surfing lessons teach you the art of…

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  10. Beginner Surfing Lessons

    Learn how to surf in Sámara, Costa Rica with the professional surfing instructors of Tico Mae Retreats! We guarantee you’ll be standing on your surfboard…

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