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Ultimate Man-Made Wave

“This is head and shoulders over what people have seen before,” said Dave Prodan, spokesman for the World Surf League. “I think the excitement is around — wow — this is really getting close to replicating the energy that we see at some of the world’s best waves of that size.”

tube-wave-tico-mae-retreatsThe biggest appeal of an artificial wave such as the one that Slater is riding is the chance to give surfers time “inside the tube.”

The Swellest Little Town

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swellest-little-town-tico-mae-retreats“Sámara, on the other hand, has always had a hold on me. The roughly 1 dozen square blocks – sandwich between a hilly range in the Pacific ocean – are dotted with low-key in the cottages. Howler monkeys below from the treetops, want to scuttle across dirt roads, and carefree young couples stroll along the uncrowned beach.”

Surfing Fun with Little Ones

I don’t think there is a correct age to teach someone. I teach children as young as 2, and adults in their 60s and 70s. However the techneque you might use does vary depending on how old the child is.

Children under around 10-11 (and boys particualy) have an amazing ability to engage with a subject if they become passionate about it (think how much kids seem to know about Dinosaurs!). However you cannot force a child to engage at that level, it has to be something they find interesting, and the younger they are, the more important this is.

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