About Our Instructors

James Flores

Master Surf Coach

James Flores is Senior Instructor and a Pro Surfer with more than 25 years of surfing experience. His step-by-step method combines body mechanics, kinesiology, a focus on muscle memory, and building core strength and balance to help beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers alike.

James is a local from Samara. His welcoming energy and his love for the culture and town will allow you to feel like a local too. Be held in the cleansing waves of Mother Earth when you take to the water in James’ expert care. And don’t be surprised if his gentle and encouraging approach gets you standing on a wave in your first lesson!

Wendy De Rosa

Guided Meditation and Yoga Teacher

Wendy De Rosa is an intuitive energy healer and best-selling author. She has more than 500 personal clients, and has lead guided meditation, energy healings, and intuitive healing trainings all over the US. Wendy specializes in guiding clients through the deeply transformative experience of clearing energy blocks in the body–energy that most often shows up as tension, emotion, and stress–and helping them to release what no longer serves their life. The result is powerfully freeing.


Master Surf Instructor

Johnny is a master surf instructor with more than 15 years of surfing experience and 10 years of coaching experience. Johnny is bilingual, CPR certified and a tour operator.

Eloy Lopez

Master Surf Instructor

Eloy is a master surf instructor with more than 15 years of surfing and coaching experience. He is CPR certified, has 10 years of experience being a tour guide and 5 years of lifeguard experience.

Marco Castillo

Master Surf Instructor

Marco is a master surf instructor with more than 13 years of surfing experience, 9 years of coaching experience and 7 years of advancing surfing techniques. He is a local coach from Samara Beach and is known for his kindness in and out of the water.  His credentials include: ISA surf coach, open water lifeguard, surf rescue lifeguard, bilingual, and CPR certified.

Paco (Francisco)

Master Surf Instructor

Paco is a master surf instructor with more than 25 years of surfing experience, 20 years of coaching experience and 15 years as a tour guide. He is a polyglot and CPR certified, plus a favorite with both our kiddos and the adults too!